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wtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych                 wtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych

We offer full scale in parts production using injection method and thermoforming. We start from the project of the product, through the project and die manufacturing, to testing and the customer's approval to parts manufacturing. Thanks to which the whole process is secured.

We manufacture plastic elements/parts using our own dies but also using tools supported by our partners in any quantity or colour. We have huge knowledge about raw materials, their use and properties, thanks to which we have had a fixed list of trusted suppliers-producers both domestic and foreign.

The company has a highly skilled, experienced and reliable tem of employees, who can resolve any issue concerning plastic processing, thermoforming and milling.

Our Products

R&S company apart from constant cooperation with its partners offers own products which are distributed both on domestic and European markets. We include detailed information about each product together with characteristics and technical specification.

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Machinery park

We have high-quality machinery park with differentiated parameters that enable us to adjust quickly to our customer's needs.

Our machinery park consists of injection moulding machines and also many modern machines used for manufacturing:

 wtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych 1. Injection moulding machine - closing force from 20 t o60 tons and short weight up to 1500 grams. Injection moulding machines are equipped in peripheral devices such as feeders, central cooling, dries that accelerate and improve production process.

  2. Vacuum thermoform - work bench surface 1800 x 2000.

  3. Milling plotter - work bench surface 2000 x 3000.