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wtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowychwtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych

Our Tool-shop offers:

  - designing and manufacturing of dies, press tools, blanking dies and other tools all based on models and technical documentation given by customers.     Extensive service of moulding production and other parts starts with designing and finishes with manufacturing a product at one place, thanks to which
    the work process and control is confidential.

  - designing and manufacturing of tools, parts and moulding constituents, press tolls, blanking dies and other toolswtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych

  - recovery and maintenance of tools and production line constituents

  - tooling modernization

  - machinery edging

Projects are manufactures according to CAD/CAM newest solutions. To build a moulding we use components
and high quality steel from certified suppliers.

In our Tool-shop we design and manufacture high quality and complex construction dies: thermoforming machines (single- or multiple- point injection), multiform moulds, unified, with multiple sliding elements, with polished surfaces, irregular closures and shapes as well as others.

Machinery Park

  - CNC - work surface 1300 x 700

  - CNC milling machine - work surface 500 x 1000 wtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych

  - lathe

  - surface grinding machine

  - erosion machine

  - wire erosion machine

  - hacksaw wtryskownia Święcińscy – producent form wtryskowych

  - measuring instruments