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R&S Święcińscy Company

R&S Święcińscy company offers full-scale service in plastic processing, thermoforming, milling, injection moulding production, press tools, blanking dies as well as other tools.

We have top-class machinery park with differentiated parameters enabling quick adjustments to our customer's needs. The machinery park consists of CNC, numerical milling machine, injection moulding machine, thermoforming machine, milling plotter and many more machines used for manufacturing.

R&S Święcińscy is known for being slid, reliable and we always fulfill orders on time.

We are looking forward to cooperation with you.



We offer full scale in parts production using injection method and thermoforming.

Wheels (rubber material)
Plastic wheelbarrow wheels
Belt/pulley wheels
Wheelbarrow handles


Our Tool-shop offers: designing and manufacturing of dies, press tools, blanking dies and other tools.